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The Locomotive Co. is the result of Sheranne’s two strongest passions – people and yoga.

As a lifelong athlete, Sheranne has always pursued an active lifestyle, most notably involving netball and frequent gym sessions. But it was a physical need that initially brought her to the mat; she first discovered yoga whilst living in Los Angeles, as a form of therapy and rehabilitative exercise after she had invasive decompression surgery on her lower back.

With practice, Sheranne was able to develop her flexibility and regain the strength of her back and core, and later discovered yoga’s other transformational powers when she moved back to Asia. Living and working in hectic Hong Kong, a deeper yoga practice helped her find her centre as she navigated the stresses of the corporate world, improving her anxiety and teaching her the importance of self-care and being present.

Eventually, she decided to bring together her passions and – with the desire to bring the benefits of yoga to more people – enrolled at The Himalayan Yoga Institute in India. There, she completed a course that grounded her in the fundamentals of teaching yoga, while also connecting her with the spiritual traditions of the practice.

Off the mat, Sheranne’s favourite place in the world is the beach though she is also just as fond of curling up with a good book in a new city.


Over the last decade, Stephanie has immersed herself in different aspects that comprise the field of health and wellness. Her studies in Elemental Yoga Therapy of which she now teaches as a passion; and the more intangible, Osho-inspired active meditations.

Meditation came into Stephanie’s life at an opportune time. She joined a meditation community in Singapore, Singa Satsanga in 2012, and since then the meditation community has become a staple, grounding part of her life. Her experience with the community allowed her to realise the importance of not just physical health, but also mental health.

Through this exposure and consistent practice of primarily Osho-inspired active meditations, Stephanie has found a way to anchor her sometimes chaotic life, and has allowed her to find that counterbalance to her “wild child” nature. Stephanie’s realisation is that meditation is for everyone, and no matter your background and experience, we all have our own unique ways to finding our “center,” the eye of our storm.

Stephanie received her Active Meditation Facilitator training in July 2015. She has since frequently held meditations for both small and large groups with the hopes of inspiring positive change in the lives of others.

Through these modalities she has created her own fun, quirky style in the way she shares her magic and hopes to positively influence the well-being and lives of others.


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